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I fell in love the way you fall asleep:
slowly, and then all at once;

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JOEY: So you’re in love with me, huh?
PACEY: Not right this second. Right now you’re just this crazy drunk girl I’m trying to get into the house without waking up all the paying customers at her sister’s B&B. But in general, yes.

Lines from the Script of Episode
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parallels 1x11/3x22

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Pacey & Joey // Damon & Elena

Pacey teasing Joey

Damon teasing Elena

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get to know me meme: (3/5) male characters - pacey witter

every day, we, the students of capeside, come to a place where you guys are in charge. you tell us when to arrive, when to leave, when to move rooms, when to eat. you tell us when we’re doing well, when we need to be doing better and we never ever question it because we’re afraid to. to question it is to go against the belief that the entire system is built upon, the belief that you guys know what’s right, and i’m not afraid to tell you that what happened in that classroom yesterday was not right. to make a student cry, to embarrass him, to strip of him of his dignity in front of the entire class is not right. while i do respect the system i do not respect men like you, mr. peterson. i don’t, i can’t, and i never will.

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